The Harbingers of the Women’s Superhero Era

Despite the fact that many consider comic books as being a realm for men, the reality is that there are numerous comics that have female superheroes as their central theme. The first superheroines have appeared in comic books back in the 50s, and since then they are an integral part of the comic book world, with many of them still having their own series or being an important of numerous other comics focused on male lead characters.

Why were female superheroes added into the comic book world?

One of the main reasons behind this is surely the fact that this was a natural thing to do. There were numerous male heroes (such as Captain America) that were influenced by women in becoming who they are, and from here to having the first female heroes it was only a small step. Having females in comics is not only a thing that lead to more diversity, but it also happened during a time in which women started to gain a lot more rights and importance in society.

The most popular female superheroes

Since the 50s, hundreds of female heroes have been created, with some being more popular than others. While some of them are female versions of male heroes, such as Batgirl, Aquagirl or Supergirl, there are some that are original and with a very interesting history

Wonder Woman

This is one of the most popular female heroes that’s an amazon warrior princess that has an unique arsenal of weapons, as well as numerous interesting abilities like super strength, as well as a healing factor, magical weaponry and great hand to hand combat abilities.

Black Canary

A member of the Justice League, the Black Canary is focused on hand to hand combat, and she has a lot of interesting enemies which makes following her individual story, as well as her presence in the Green Arrow Comics, a complete pleasure!

Captain Marvel

She was created as a Captain America counterpart, but quickly managed to create a name for herself with the diverse comics and the unique adventures. In the comics, she oversteps her boundaries and challenges Captain America a few times, so it’s nice to see how she evolves!


Raven is an interesting hero because she is the child of a demon and a woman, and she was actually raised in an alternate dimension. As a hero, she manages to control her emotions and she actually has a sardonic wit.


Marvel’s Elektra is a female hero with a lot of martial arts training, and at the same time she is an assassin and a bounty hunter that does cross paths with some heroes often, Daredevil being one of them.

Black Widow

The only female member of the Avengers and a spy that works for Shield, Natasha, also known as Black Widow is very intelligent and highly trained, so seeing her in action in comics is just plain fun. You can find her in a multitude of comic series, including her own.


Named Selina Kyle, Catwoman has been an ally and a villain for Batman, so whenever you see her in the Batman comics, you know that something unpredictable is going to happen.

Jean Grey

One of the most important members of the X-Men, Jean has some astounding psychic powers that help her group quite a lot. Her interesting presence is always bringing new life into the action and she is one of the main reasons behind the comic book success of the X-Men.

As you can see, the female superhero world is varied and filled with lots of characters that have managed to conquer our hearts for decades. If you want to see another side of the comic books, but still retain the action and extraordinary appeal, then reading the comic books starring these female heroes is a good idea. Exploring the cities through the eyes of a female hero is very exciting, and we recommend you to check these comics out!


8 Easy ways to pick your perfect Woman’s Superhero Costume!

Every year as Halloween draws near, people often consult with their cosplay friends to help them decide on a costume for their Halloween festivities. As someone who has considerable cosplay experience, I am often consulted by my friends for help in choosing and executing costumes. While on my long morning walks with my dogs I was thinking about this very subject, and I realized that many of the same motives that I use when choosing my own costumes for cosplaying at conventions throughout the year can be applied to choosing costumes for Halloween.


  1. Popularity

One of the foremost reasons for choosing a costume is the popularity of the subject at the current time. Whether it be the #1 TV show on right now (Walking Dead), the top grossing movie of the summer (Guardians of the Galaxy), the latest social media viral sensation (ice bucket challenge), or the hottest costuming trend (sugar skull makeup).


  1. You look like them

Buddy the Elf - CosplayI’ve seen these people at conventions… the tall, lanky dark haired man with a strong resemblance to Leonard Nimoy, he is cosplaying Spock. The older man with a salt and pepper beard wearing a flannel shirt, he is cosplaying George Lucas. The man with an uncanny resemblance to Will Ferrell, he is cosplaying Buddy the Elf.

If you have ever been told that you look like a celebrity or a character, this is the perfect match for you and your costume. Half the work and effort is already done for you!


  1. Favorite character – new or classic

We all have a favorite character, movie or book. There is usually someone or something that really strikes a chord inside of us, causing an unbridled passion. It could be your much loved character from a classic book or TV show from your childhood, or your latest craze today.  It is always the easiest and most fun to create a costume of something you love.


  1. Favorite actor

“Urbanites” love Karl Urban. “Pine Nuts” are nuts for Chris Pine. “Barrowmaniacs” adore  John Barrowman. “The Cavillry” are fans of Henry Cavill.  “Hiddlestoners” are obsessed with Tom Hiddleston.

Chances are if you are a member of a fanbase with its own nickname, you are a fan of one or several of that artist’s works. Creating a costume of a favorite character brought to life by an artist is a good way to pay homage to them while expressing your admiration of that work.


  1. Group costume

sucker punch groupOne of the best ways to get the assistance and motivation that you need to complete a costume is to be a part of a group costume. Not only do you have the incentive to complete the costume, as not to disappoint your friends by leaving a void in the group, but you can work together and help each other along the way. You might not be good at sewing, but another friend is. They might not be great at makeup, but that is your forte. Sharing the journey with your friends is a lot of fun along the way, and very rewarding at the time of execution.

One of my favorite group costumes was at Dragon Con 2011. I joined a group of 4 girls, a few that I had not previously met, to create costumes of the five main characters from the movie Sucker Punch. We helped each other along the way, sharing tips and ideas, and being each other’s cheering section. The end result was amazing. We were cornered in the back of the Marriott’s Atrium level for 2+ hours with hundreds of photographs taken of us.


  1. Meeting actor / director / creator

Gamora - Womens Superhero CostumeSometimes I get stuck with the decision of which costumes I am composing for an upcoming event or convention. My problem might be different than most, and that is narrowing it down to a manageable number of costumes rather than coming up with them. I have a decision-making process to help me narrow my scope. Often, this is driven by the guest list for an upcoming convention.

For Dragon Con in 2014, I was preparing my costume line up. I had been struggling with the decision to either work on Sif from Thor: The Dark World, a costume that I have been anxious to do. But I also had been eyeing Gamora from Guardians of the Galaxy. But Guardians had not been released yet, and photo references were far and few between. The decision became very easy for me when James Gunn, director of Guardians of the Galaxy, was added to the guest list for Dragon Con. I dropped everything and went to work on Gamora. James was also the scriptwriter for the Lollipop Chainsaw video game, so I quickly added one of my Juliet Starling costumes to my Dragon Con line up as well.


  1. New techniques

I am an artist. I have drifted between traditional mediums (drawing and painting), to crafts (scrapbooking and cake decorating), to textile arts (sewing). I consider cosplay a form of art, and the beauty of this art form is that it can encompass any practical art that you can think of. I have chosen which new costumes I want to construct based upon a new technique or medium that I wanted to try. I have always wanted to learn chain maille weaving, and Sif’s armor gave me the opportunity to do so. (And it is not as easy as it looks!) I was very excited when I discovered Worbla, a thermoplastic modelling material which can be shaped using hot air. This opened up a myriad of new possibilities!

Cosplay is also a great way to involve your friends and family. If you are not good a something, maybe you know someone who is. One of my favorite memories was preparing my costumes for Dragon Con 2011. I spent many days over at my grandparents’ house, which is the central hive for my family’s activity. My grandmother helped with the patterning and cutting. My grandfather helped with the sewing. My uncle helped with leather making and props. My aunt stopped by, and soon she was hammering grommets and installing snaps. It was a family effort.

I’m also a champion for trying new techniques. My motto is, “you will never get better if you don’t do it.” There has been a lot of trial and error, and much frustration along the way. But I enjoy it, and it has resulted in some pretty spectacular results in the end.


  1. Costume appeals to you

Sometimes there is just a costume that speaks to you. The fabric is gorgeous, it hugs the body just right, the wig is amazing, the prop is bad ass… if something appeals to you, whether you are part of the fandom or not, go for it!

Bottom line, when it comes to cosplay and costumes, the first rule is THERE ARE NO RULES.

Go for it, have fun, and if you love what you produce, it will show.


Roller Derby Harley QuinnShanon (a.k.a. “Super Muffin Girl”) has been cosplaying for 10 years. She attends several conventions every year, and has recently been expanding her cosplay wardrobe by experimenting with new mediums and techniques. Her work is showcased at, and she can also be followed on Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr (user name: supermuffingirl).



Superhero Icons – Free to Use

It’s getting close to prep time for Halloween. We’re not talking about close to stockpiling candy or grabbing the ladder to hang decorations, this is costume making time!

We offer a great variety of different Women Superhero Costumes, but we also want to encourage you to make your own, in doing this we want to offer you Free Superhero Icons!

Superhero Icons are essential to making any Women’s Superhero Costume, in fact if you don’t have a superhero symbol you just look plain dump/stupid/idiotic and that’s putting it nicely. Now we don’t want you to look dumb/stupid/idiotic so we have some of the top superhero icons and symbols you can download for free to make the bloody best costume you can.

Some good ideas, scale them to a size that is proportional to your torso and try press on sheets to iron the logo to your costume, or print stickers and stick them to your gloves and/or accessories. If you’re fancy you can stitch them into a patch. Regardless of how you use them, below are free, high quality Superhero Icons that you can reference or use to create a sweet Women’s Superhero Costume!




One pack we definitely recommend is the Superhero Icons Ultimate Bundle of 31 Flat Minimalistic Superhero Icons. This set is created by Ondra at and is completely free. All he ask is that you send out a tweet about the icon set and it’s yours to download. Pretty sweet. Here are some of the icons you’ll get!

Let us know if you have any Superhero Icons you want us to share!

Feature Image

Lois Lane Costume

Lois Lane Costume

Lois Lane is one of the most iconic women in the superhero world.  She has no real super power.  Though one could argue she has the super power of capturing the heart of Superman.  Even the strongest man in the world needed a woman to help him get back in the toughest of moments.  This is why we decided to feature the woman in Superman’s life in today’s post, Lois Lane.  We will walk you through some homemade costume ideas for your next Lois Lane costume.

Any Lois Lane costume can be fairly simple.  The base to any Lois Lane costume is a pencil skirt ($89.50), suit blazer ($198.00), and a feminine white blouse ($69.50).  You don’t even have to wear the jacket from the suit.  The pencil skirt and white blouse will be enough to show who you are.  To complete this simple Lois Lane costume I would add in large black framed glasses ($4.99) and a pearl necklace ($4.99).  These two elements help portray the image of the classy journalist that Lois Lane is.  Put your hair up in a French twist and throw on some black pumps to complete this simple Lois Lane costume.


Lois Lane Costume - Blouse

Lois Lane Costume - Pencil Skirt

Lois Lane Costume - Suit Jacket

Lois Lane Costume - Glasses

Lois Lane Costume - Necklace


The Lois Lane costume can easily be combined with the Clark Kent costume.  This is easy to create for your man as well.  Just get him some dress slacks, white button up shirt, black tie, and sleek glasses.  Have him button down his shirt to expose the superman t-shirt that he is wearing underneath.  You two can easily create one of the best combinations for superhero costumes for couples.

We personally love the Lois Lane costume because it is super super easy to create.  You can easily have one of the sexiest costumes at any event.  We also love that you can make this one of the best superhero costumes for couples by dressing your man as Clark Kent.


Like we always say. Be Super, Look Good!



Disclaimer: Pricing does not include any taxes or shipping and handling charges.  Prices are subject to change at anytime though we will do our best to keep them updated.


Top Superhero Mask Ranked from Google You’ll Want

Don’t flaunt that secret identity, maintain your prowess with some of the top superhero mask from Google. Using the Google Adwords Keyword Tool we found the top Superhero Mask around the web and share them below in order of number of Searches from Google aka Popularity.

To maintain the theme of our site Women’s Superhero Costumes, we are sticking to Superhero Mask for women. A lot of these would be perfect for any of our women’s superhero costumes and we share which ones below.


Top 11 Searched Superhero Masks

Catwoman Superhero Mask

1. Catwoman Superhero Mask

3,600 Google Searches per month

As one of the top Superhero Mask searched on Google there are a number of great Catwoman Mask that you can choose from. Here is one of our favorites as it has some of the same high tech look from the Batman movie. All we need now are some cool Catwoman night vision googles and we’re set!

Supergirl Superhero Glasses

2. Clark Kent Glasses

2,400 Google Searches per month

Supergirl as you can tell doesn’t have a mask, her secret identity is protected like Superman’s, that is their alter egos Clark Kent/Superman and Kara Kent/Supergirl wear regular nerd glasses when they are in their everyday outfit. So these glasses aren’t needed for a Supergirl Costume, but these glasses are perfect for the everyday outfit of supergirl before she springs into action.

Batgirl Superhero Masks

3. Batgirl Superhero Mask

1,600 Google Searches per month

The Batgirl Costume spans the decades of changes and alterations. Many Batgirl Costumes come with their own mask that accessories well with the outfit. However we selected one Batgirl Mask that can be added to any costume to add that extra aurora of mystery. In all honesty any black mask you can find with some pointy ends can pass as a Batgirl Mask.

Captain America Mask

4. Captain America Mask

1,600 Google Searches per month

While unfortunately there is no female Captain America, they’re alterations to the famous costume that look REALLY good. We are showing two “mask” of sorts to the Captain America Costume which can both be found on our costume page. One shows the “A” Military Helmet (no mask) and the other that’s really common is the white, rhinestone wing tipped mask, both will be found apart of the costume set.

Green Lantern Mask

5. Green Lantern Mask

880 Google Searches per month

Searching high and wide we have not been able to find the iconic Green Lantern Mask by itself, it is always a part of the costume set. Luckily all the Green Lantern Costumes available online can be found on our costume page. We image the trick once you get the mask is “How to keep it on” maybe some tape?

Harley Quinn Mask

6. Harley Quinn Mask

590 Google Searches per month

The Harley Quinn Costume has more alterations than Elton John has wardrobe changes. We have never seen one iconic comic villain have so many outfits. Seriously has to be the crazed diva of the comic world. That being said there is no one Harley Quinn Mask. Check out our Harley Quinn Costume Page to see all the different mask and costumes for this fashion Diva.

Flash Mask

7. Flash Superhero Mask

480 Google Searches per month

This has to be one of our favorite Flash Costumes. Now how to run in those high heels? Unfortunately we haven’t had any luck finding the mask by itself; it appears to only come in a costume set found here. Luckily all you would need for a flash mask is a standard superhero mask and paint it red, and some lightning bolts on for good measure maybe?

Poison Ivy Mask

8. Poison Ivy Mask

390 Google Searches per month

Now the Poison Ivy Costumes is regularly one of the hottest costumes with 27,100 searches on Google Monthly however only a fraction of that is for the Poison Ivy Mask with 390 searches monthly. Most likely people don’t associate Poison Ivy with a mask, usually just some vibrant green eye makeup. While we are definite fans of the green eye makeup, this Poison Ivy Mask will help complete your Poison Ivy Costume.

Riddler Mask

9. Riddler Mask

170 Google Searches per month

Who doesn’t love riddles, except for Batman of course. While the Riddler Mask has around 170 searches on Google monthly, we wanted to share that for the female Riddler Costume the superhero mask can just be painted on with makeup. Don’t get us wrong, you can always buy a green mask (make sure it’s a thin mask), but painting one on is just as successful to the costume as long as you have another headgear accessory like a big tie or bolo hat.

Wonder Woman Tiara

10. Wonder Woman Tiara

140 Google Searches per month

Wonder Woman has to have a Tiara. She is an amazon princess and if Pretty, Pretty Princess has taught us anything. It’s that princesses need a tiara; the Wonder Woman Costume is no different. It most cases any good Wonder Woman Costumes always includes a tiara apart of the costume. However just in case, here is a wonder woman tiara to complete any outfit. No it’s not a mask, but its necessary headgear.

Spidergirl Superhero Mask

11. Spider Girl Superhero Mask

70 Google Searches per month

We’re showing a number of different Spider Girl Mask here because there are a number of Spider Girl Mask out there. It really comes down to accessorizing the right outfit. You’ll find a superhero mask included in most Spider Girl Costumes, like on our costume page here for Spider Girl Costumes. However if you are looking for a Spider Girl Mask for any occasion, this one would be perfect!

Cheap Costomes

Superhero Cheap Costumes

I can never pass by a great sale at the local sporting goods store.  We all have this intuition when we are at our favorite store.  Sometimes a great deal isn’t as blatant as the large sale signs in a store.  This is why I decided to write about some cheap Halloween costumes for women.  We have some great costumes on Womens Superhero Costumes but for some can be pretty pricey.  So, I am going to walk you through some great cheap costume ideas for your favorite superhero.  Our list includes cheap Halloween costumes for women for superheroes like Wonder Woman, Harley Quinn, Batgirl, and many more!  We also mention some stunning accessories to complete these cheap costumes.  Even though you have a low budget we want to make sure you look your best!


Wonder Woman 6

Wonder Woman Cheap Costumes

This simple but awesome Wonder Woman Costume comes with the shirt, headpiece, and even a cape!  We recommend adding some skinny jeans with these awesome Red High Heels.  You could also take a look at these Wonder Woman Boots.  The costume will cost you $21.99 and the high heels are $35.97 making this one of our most cheap Halloween costumes for women at only $57.96.  This is assuming you already own a pair of skinny jeans of course!



Harley Quinn 6

Harley Quinn Cheap Costumes

We love this cute Harley Quinn Costume for two reasons.  First of all, it adds an innocent/cute look to the Harley Quinn character.  Secondly, it is a super cheap Halloween costumes for women at only $24.99!  Add in some black heels ($19.99), thigh highs ($4.97), and a mask ($3.99) you have one of our favorite cheap costume ideas for only $53.94 total.


Batgirl 3

Batgirl Cheap Costumes

For all of those Batgirl fanatics we have found you a cheap halloween costume idea that you will love.  It is cheap, only $25.97, and sexy!  Pair this corset with a pair of jeans and black heels ($37.99) or flats you are bound to look great for any event.  Most people will want to add in the famous Batgirl mask ($3.99) as well!  Overall you can have this complete costume for only $67.95!


Captain America

Captain America Cheap Costumes

This Captain America dress is SO cheap it is ridiculous!  At only $12.98 you save so much to complete your look with these Red Boots ($34.99).  And any Captain America costume wouldn’t be complete without the famous shield ($12.99).  You will be ready to take on any evil powers with our most cheap costumes at only $50.96!


Robin 1

Robin Cheap Costumes

Who says Robin can’t rock it harder than Batgirl?  We say the girl that wears this Robin costume will over shadow any Batgirl at a party.  This costume even comes with an attached cape!  There are so many perfect accessories to complete your Robin costume.  You can start with some black heels ($37.99) along with the accessory kit ($12.99) and tights ($12.99).  Then you have to finish the look by getting the nail kit ($1.99)!  With the dress only costing $24.99 you total will be only $90.95.  This is our most expensive cheap Halloween costumes for women but we think it is the cutest as well as most complete.  You can’t go wrong with this Robin Costume.


Spider Girl 3

Spider Girl Cheap Costumes

We thought this Spider Girl costume would be super easy and cheap for any girl out there.  Just add some jeans as well as some black heels ($37.99) to this costume and you have a complete sexy costume.  The bustier that is shown for this costume is only $31.47 making this cheap costumes total only $69.46.  Enjoy the simplicity of our easiest cheap Halloween costumes for women.


Don’t let a small budget stop you from catching everyone’s eyes at the next costume party you attend.  Let us know if we have forgotten any cheap Halloween costumes for women by contacting us.  We try our best to have all of the womens superhero costume combinations on one site but some do sneak past us.

Like we always say. Be Super, Look Good!

Disclaimer: Pricing does not include any taxes or shipping and handling charges.  Prices are subject to change at anytime though we will do our best to keep them updated.




Sexy Superhero Costumes

Let’s be honest here, Women’s Superhero Costumes are HOT! In fact we’ll even be so bold to call them sexy. So if we’re saying women’s superhero costumes are sexy, we have to answer that question “What are top sexy superhero costumes out there?” and that’s exactly what we have done!

The ranking system, how do we rank what are the top sexy superhero costumes out there? Well we’re glad you asked. In a complicated review process (highly NOT scientific), we took the rankings of superhero fan websites, costume retailer sales numbers and interviewed some comic fans to bring you this comprehensive list of the top sexy superhero costumes. Be impressed we did some work!

Now each costume below shows the sexiest version of the top woman’s superhero costumes as well as a “Not Safe for Work” (NSFW) option because well we want to be clear, some of these costumes are hot, but not appropriate for any kind of work atmosphere. Sorority parties and Adult Halloween sure why not, but wear responsibly and maybe bring a large trench coat for the walk home.

Top Sexy Superhero Costumes

Supergirl's Sexy Superhero Costumes

Sexy Supergirl Costume

The Supergirl Costume has always been sexy. Think about it, Superman has a onesie and Supergirl flies around in a mini skirt. If you want sexy, the Supergirl costume is perfect. These two alternative versions of the Supergirl costume are some of our top picks for sexy superhero costumes, but we don’t recommend wearing them out to the company picnic.

Wonder Woman's Sexy Superhero Costumes

Sexy Wonder Woman Costume

If the fact that Wonder Woman is an amazon princess is not sexy enough, check out these wonder woman costumes that we consider some of the top sexy superhero costumes. However neither of these are probably safe for work.


Harley Quinn's Sexy Superhero Costumes

Sexy Harley Quinn Costume

If you’re looking for crazy hot or just plain crazy, check out the Harley Quinn Costume. This sexy super villain costume has many alternate versions, but these are some of the top voted for sexiest costume.

Robin's Sexy Superhero Costumes

Sexy Robin Costume

This is definitely a step up from Boy-Wonder. This is “Holy Moly did you see that Batman” sexy. This is one of the top sexy superhero costumes out there, not just for sidekicks, but for any crime fighter out there.

Batgirl's Sexy Superhero Costumes

Sexy Batgirl Costume

No this is not a traditional Batgirl costume, but really after checking these out, who’s complaining? These fun alternate versions of the Batgirl Costume definitely bring the sex appearl as one of the top sexy superhero costumes. However be careful because once this crime fighter hits the streets, crime will sky rocket!

Sexy Flash and Green Lantern Costume

Sexy Supergirl Costume

Here’ the deal, we are absolutely all GA GA over these two costumes so we had to include them on the list for the top sexy superhero costumes. In fact we should probably start petitioning DC Comics to make these the official costumes for Flash and Green Lantern. Who’s with us?

Black Widow's Sexy Superhero Costumes

Sexy Black Widow Costume

The thing about Black Widow, no she doesn’t show a lot of skin, but that’s ok because she is judo-chopping sexy! Any list you find including the top sexy superhero costumes needs to include the Black Widow costume, otherwise we’re confident it sucks.

Captain America's Sexy Superhero Costumes

Sexy Captain America Costume

We love a girl in uniform, and the Captain America costume is all about “being all that you can be”. These alternate female versions of the Captain America costume puts us on the edge of our seat waiting for the comics to bring back captain America as a woman. Not likely, but we can hope…..

Catwoman's Sexy Superhero Costumes

Sexy Catwoman Costume

The Catwoman costume can really go either way, being the bad girl and causing havoc with the Joker or being the good girl crime fighting alongside the Dark Knight. Either way you go the Catwoman Costume is consistently one of the top sexy superhero costumes.

Poison Ivy's Sexy Superhero Costumes

Sexy Poison Ivy Costume

Don’t get us wrong, we get the short skirt and low top in the comics and the real life costumes however we are amazed so many people love the Poison Ivy Costume. Yes the old batman movies had poison ivy as Uma Thurman, but there are other (non-green) sexy superhero costumes out there. Regardless it is still quite sexy and we include it on our list.


Superhero Costumes for Couples

Superhero Costumes for Couples

Let’s face it costumes in pairs are WAY better, Batman with Robin, Superman with Supergirl and the Joker with Harley Quinn. There is something special about dynamic duos.

We love couple costumes if you didn’t know. For us, it makes the experience a bit more real. Being the Flash is great, but when you’re the Flash with a faithful Green Lantern at your side you’re awesome. We like to think this is where the original term “Power Couple” derived.

Since we obviously are having some fun with this post, let’s look at some of the great costume duos you can put together. Because let’s face it, we want you to look good. Some of the obvious costumes choices are Batman and Batgirl, but we have others that you may not have thought of, but once you see ours you’ll say “Of Course, that makes so much since” and really that’s what we’re all about.


Top Superhero Costumes for Couples

Batman, Joker and Catwoman - Superhero Costumes for Couples

Batman, Joker and Catwoman Costume

The Catwoman costume can really go either way, being the bad girl and causing havoc with the Joker or being the good girl crime fighting alongside the Dark Knight. Either way you go the Catwoman Costume is perfect for any superhero costumes for couples.


Spiderman & Spiderwoman - Superhero Costumes for Couples

Spiderman & Spidergirl Superhero Costumes for Couples

The Spidergirl Costume is perfect when partnering up with the webslinger himself, Spiderman. We have a number of different alternative Spidergirl costumes available. However no one will mistake who you are with at any event.

Superman, Supergirl, Wonder Woman, Iron Man - Superhero Costumes for Couples

Superman, Iron Man, and Supergirl Costume and Wonder Woman Costume

We have always been a fan of superhero groups, this group is just one of those groups we love. This is perfect for those who want the Supergirl Costume or Wonder Woman Costume. While these are some of the top superhero costumes for couples, we do want to advise not to bring along Iron man for those diehard fans. Technically Iron man is a completely separate character from Superman, Supergirl and Wonder Woman.

Batman and Robin - Superhero Costumes for Couples

Batman and Robin Costume

The Robin Costume really always needs to have a Batman companion. Traditionally the Batman and Robin costume is the top superhero costumes for couples. The only thing we recommend is matching up the right era Batman and Robin. No need trying to explain why you have 1950’s Batman with a modern Robin. The important thing to note is, you should never have one without the other.

Power Rangers - Superhero Costumes for Couples

Power Rangers Costume

Yea, the power rangers are not a traditional superhero. They fought crime every week day morning while we ate your cereal and power morphed into our hearts. Power Rangers while a fun classic costume, should really always be worn in couples or groups.

Sailormoon Costumes - Superhero Costumes for Groups

Sailor Moon Costume

Sailor Moon, oh Sailor Moon, to be perfectly honest we have only seen like one episode of Sailor Moon and we were extremely confused. However we are adding it on here because it’s a ranked fairly high on Google for group costumes and since we’re all about YOU, we added it on here. Even though, again, we still don’t get the show.

Ghost Busters Costume - Superhero Costumes for Couples

Ghost Busters Superhero Costumes for Couples

We can only hope that the new Ghost Busters move (3) will have a Ghost Buster Costume this hot! It’s possible any ghost you may run into may faint dead (again) from the WOW factor alone. So if you want to take out a classic costume and make it sexy, we definitely recommend the Ghost Buster Costume as one of our favorite superhero costumes for couples. We promise no one will question if there was ever a girl ghost buster.

Batman & Catwoman - Superhero Costumes for Couples

Batman and Catwoman Costume

With so many costume opportunities for Batman and the Catwoman costume, we had to share this alternate style of the best crime fighting couple. There really is nothing strong enough to beat this much butt kicking leather.

Captain America and Wonder Woman - Superhero Costumes for Couples

Captain America and Wonder Woman Superhero Costumes for Couples

Truth, Justice and the American way has never been more symbolized than by Captain America and the Wonder Woman Costume. The red, white and blue practically scream America. So for those who want the ultimate American Power Couple, we recommend this dynamic duo. Plus we’d even be OK whipping these out again for Independence Day.

Green Hornet - Superhero Costumes for Couples

Green Hornet and Kato Costume

While the recent Green Hornet Movie was a bust, you can still show the Green Hornet costume and Kato costume some credit by dressing up as this alternative crime fighting duo. We’ll admit Kato never looked this good in the movies, but we just like this version better.

He-Man and She-Ra  - Superhero Costumes for Couples

She-Ra and He-Man Costume

Who remember He-Man really? If you do, you are the few and proud. The She-Ra Costume and He-Man Costume really should come to no surprise. We just have to show this classic couple, these two characters would be a great accompaniment to any party. Now if you can find a good Skeletor costume, you’d be able to battle over the punch bowl all night. For CASTLE GREYSKULL!!!

Iron Man & Black Widow - Superhero Costumes for Couples

Iron Man and Black Widow Superhero Costumes for Couples

Iron Man and the Black Widow Costume are some of the top two searched superhero costumes for couples. If there was any girl costume to match with Iron man it would be the Black Widow Costume. Really, who wants to go as Pepper Pots? Sorry Gwyneth Paltrow, the Black Widow bad girl is just better!

Joker & Harley Quinn - Superhero Costumes for Couples

Joker and Harley Quinn Costume

Now taking a turn and focusing on some bad guys. The Joker and Harley Quinn Costume are the ultimate bad guy power couple. There is a madness about this couple that just screams trouble. Check out some of the crazy accessories from our Harley Quinn Costume page and just go crazy. Really an insane, no holds bar crazy attitude is perfect for this crazy couple.

Female & Male Zorro - Superhero Costumes for Couples

Female Zorro Costume and Male Zorro Costume

Is Zorro a superhero? Probably not super, but Zorro has never looked so good. We had to share this male and female Zorro costume. It really has everything a sword, sexy outfit, mysterious mask and guy in a Zorro outfit to get your drinks. Plus every good party needs someone with a sword, what can go wrong? We definitely recommend this Zorro costumes as one of our favorite superhero costumes for couples.

Flash and Green Lantern - Superhero Costumes for Couples

Flash Costume and Green Lantern Costume

We mentioned this before, Flash and Green Lantern have always been friends in the comic books. Now bring that friendship to life with these dynamic duo costumes of the Flash costume and Green Lantern Costume. We guarantee there are few superhero combos more powerful or sexier than these.

Poison Ivy and Riddler - Superhero Costumes for Couples

Poison Ivy and Riddler Costume

Now if you want to hit the town as some bad girls with a taste for green. We recommend two of the famous Batman villains Poison Ivy and the Riddler. Guys won’t know whether to run in fear or buy you a drink. Either way this will be one night where the Dark Knight will call in sick.